Friday, December 12, 2008

How to create a slideshow

In this lab I've used the tool called "dvd-slideshow" to create slides.

So the first step is to install it, on a terminal issue the command:
#yum install dvd-slideshow -y

You should have your directory ready with all the pictures. Say your directory is Pics

#dir2slideshow -n "Pics" -t 2 Pics/

There are many more options you can use and modify it, check the man pages for it.
If the above command returned an error like "Creating ac3 audio ERROR during ffmpeg execution!"
then you need to edit the file called /usr/bin/dvd-slideshow, edit line 661 to "ac3=0"

Try the previous command again and it should work. Now it has created a Pics.vob file which can be viewed using mplayer.

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