Friday, October 9, 2009

Dual boot Win 7 and fedora linux

Haven't been able to blog in a while. Been a little busy.

Anyways, recently I thought of (secretly) trying out Win 7, just to see how it was. So I wiped off everything and installed Win 7 (ultimate). On top of it, I installed Fedora Linux (F11). Everything goes well till here, and then when I restart, I get nothing but an error saying 'Operating system not found'.

Basically what happened was that I had two drives and GRUB was not installed properly on the MBR of primary disk. So, following are the steps I followed in order to get it working. Hope it helps :)

* Insert a fedora DVD and press 'esc' key at the Menu Options
* Type 'linux rescue' at the prompt and press enter
* Choose your language and keyboard type in next screens
* Press 'no' on setup network screen's tab
* Press 'continue' at rescue screen tab
* Press 'ok' at second rescue screen tab
* Type 'chroot /mnt/sysimage' at the prompt and press enter
* Type 'grub-install --recheck /dev/sda' and press enter. In my case Win was installed on sda
* Enter exit and reboot the system.

This time when it restarted, I could see GRUB and select OS.


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