Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kickstart file on HTTP server

This lab was to understand how to perform automatic installations using kickstart file. Kickstart file, once created can be placed on cdroms, floppy drives, USB drives etc. or even on NFS servers and can be used from there. For my lab, I decided to upload my kickstart file on HTTP server and use it from there. It's actually easy. Boot your system from the boot media you have i.e CDROM. At the boot prompt issue the command linux ks=http:/// (in my case: linux ks= and wait for it to install. Easy isn't it ? I also burnt it into a DVD. In my DVD I had isolinux.cfg configured to point my kickstart file to HTTP server. So next time I dont even have to issue that command, just put in the DVD and it'll do everything by itself.

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