Friday, October 3, 2008

My Project

As I've taken the MDRK (Mozilla Developers Resource Kit) project, I was trying to build the rpm for glimpse today. After some efforts I was able to build my rpm package for glimpse. First of all I downloaded it, extracted it, configured, installed and bingo its works ! Easy....
Just until I came to the second part. When I started to build as an rpm, initially everything works
fine, till the build process. I was having some hard time when it came to the install part of it. It would exit showing some wired error. I tried to make some changes in the .spec file and see if it works, but no luck. I googled it, again edit it, run it but not much improvement. This process kept going for a while, and now I was about to bang my head on the keyboard and I saw chris tyler passing by so I asked for his help, and he helped me very well. Now I know what the problem was. It was unusual problem with Makefile. It was not installing glimpse because Makefile didn't had the proper information of the DESTDIR, so it was not able to create directories in right place. So after creating the patch for makefile and adding few lines in .spec file, it finally worked. Thanks to chris for his help.. So now I've build the rpm which takes me to the 0.1 release of my project. I learned a lot new things today. I've also packaged an antivirus and a utility called Net Activity Viewer for one of my lab SPR720. I'll proceed with packaging extjs probably, not sure though.

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